BMW Lower Emissions Allowance

With immediate effect Martin Reilly BMW are delighted to announce a lower emissions allowance of €2,000 against the purchase of any new 172 BMW or MINI which has emissions of 130g/km or below until the end of the year when you trade-in any brand of car with a diesel engine EU4 or older.

BMW’s cutting-edge, low emission and low-carbon diesel engines meet EU6 standards and we have launched this incentive to assist people looking to upgrade from their older car to a newer cleaner model. The BMW Group currently has the widest range of low emission vehicles in the entire motor industry, meaning this allowance can be used against the purchase of over 74 different models within the range. Upgrading your car will mean lower running costs, cheaper road tax, less spent on fuel and a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

The allowance offered will be in addition to any other government or retailer incentives that are currently in place.

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